Theatre and Movement Therapy

Creative Relationship


The Theatre and Movement Therapy is a direct and creative relationship evolving among human beings. The player quests for the points of breaking out to free body and spirit and for the possibilities of grasping and expressing the intangible and of groping for her/his own boundaries. In course of a disciplined preparation and in the safe space of the therapy – overcoming bodily obstacles and blocks – the player seeks her/his own variations and puts brave questions to herself/himself. The Theatre and Movement Therapy presents – and at the same time playfully develops – the struggles, fights, spiritual events and the development of the relationships of a human being. It is a creative expression of our emotions imbued with our personalities and a certain extension of sympathy for others. It fights our substitute behaviour forms, evasions, panels we are accustomed to and also reveals hiding and pretext habitual in our everyday life. We use texts of rank which have retained their vigour. By way of participating in the Theatre and Movement Therapy the disease turns into a means which can be utilised for a certain purpose. All the calamities, shame, humiliation, loss of control, etc. having been experienced by an addict become resources of artistic work ready to be used. The Theatre and Movement Therapy on its own is not a sufficient method of treating the disease of addiction. Recovering drug addicts need a community which offers values and ideals which they can identify with and which surpass them.