Mission and Quality Policy


In this community we are together for better or worse


We learn to live and grow by way of developing new and healthy ways of living together. Openly and honestly, we share our experiences, strengths and hopes with one another.
We learn to care for ourselves, our fellows and the community. Despite our differences there is a strong tie keeping us together: the intention to recover.
The operations of the Hungarian Leo Amici Foundation – in accordance with its statutes accepted in 1991 – involves programmes supporting the rehabilitation of substance-dependent patients and the prevention of substance abuse. The rehabilitation programme aims at the recovery of chronic substance-dependent patients in the frameworks of a residential facility operating according to the principles of therapeutic communities.
"I use drugs and we recover”
In order to achieve the goals set forth in the above mission statement there is an multidisciplinary team working in our institute. The expertise of the staff is ensured by continual education, vocational training, self-education, study trips, skills developing training and supervisory meetings. Each member of the staff lays great emphasis on forming, developing and maintaining a network of professional connections with the aim of supporting and continuously developing the level of professionalism of the institute. We have introduced and operate a quality management system of the ISO 9001:2000 standard so that we meet the requirements of our clients and comply with professional and legal expectations, increase the satisfaction level of our clients and develop our institute continuously.