Group Therapy

Tough love

The confronting feedback on behaviour given to one another – in the spirit of “though love” – has a special importance among the effective agents of the therapy. The group therapy set in an atmosphere emotionally safe is the main forum of giving confronting feedback, reconstructing common experiences and developing a shared use of language.
The typical behaviour forms, characteristic of drug users – self-pitying, manipulation, blaming others, projection and denial – are recurring topics of confronting feedback. Further topics include issues like giving up controlling behaviour, developing self-respect, feelings of guilt, emotions and impulses, rules and roles, humility, making a moral inventory, forgiveness, making amends, making sacrifice, trying new behavioural patterns and learning to say "no".
In course of the group therapy sessions each participant talks about how she/he sees herself/himself and the others, how her/his life has changed, what she/he has lost as a consequence of using drugs and about how one can learn to express feelings and thoughts in an honest an open manner. The aim of the therapy is to develop such a drug-free way of living – integrating behaviour, attitudes and emotions – which results in fundamental changes of the personality. The treatment is oriented towards the correction of the value system, that is, the previous self-destruction is substituted by the ability to care for oneself.