„... being about lost by life...”

The Leo Amici 2002 Foundation, as a partner of the Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation gained support with the project entitled "...being about lost by life..." Within the project our foundation provides on a professional level the first phase of reintegration of patients struggling with a serious substance dependency, that is, overcoming addiction both in a physical and mental sense, which by nature makes it impossible to access education or the labour market. Members of the target group can join in this phase of treatment either through direct application to the Leo Amici 2002 Foundation or by applying to another member of our Development Partnership (DP), the Megálló Group Foundation for Addicts. The treatment of those having reached the proper phase of recovery continues in the Megálló Group for Addicts accompanied by trans-organizational case discussions. The co-operating members of our DP jointly realise and develop a trans-organizational model of care network and the quality development of the reintergation process.


 Az EQUAL Programot az Európai Szociális Alap és a Magyar Kormány finanszírozza.